company profiles

Our sales network covers major cities in China, and its R&D and manufacturing products have covered Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe and other countries and regions, and have won widespread praise from customers around the world.

We have a professional team of engineers, with a "customer-centered" attitude, committed to the improvement and innovation of products and services, and won the favor of users with excellent quality and good reputation.

Relying on the pioneering spirit, unremitting pursuit of product excellence and Shanghai's industrial chain advantages, the company has created a batch of highly competitive superior products

Our basic information

Our company was founded 35 years ago, with its continuous pursuit of perfect goals and the original intention of providing customers with the highest service, we will one day stand on the top of the mining crushing industry.

Over the past 35 years, with the support of our customers, we have been expanding our plant to meet the needs of our customers. At present, the area has increased from 60000 square meters in 2018 to 350000 square meters.

Our business scope has expanded from our own country to the world, and we have reached cooperation with many top enterprises in the world, so our service scope has expanded to more than 160 countries and regions.

Our team of senior technicians has expanded from a small team of several people to a super team of more than 120 people. Each member of the team performs his or her own duties, bringing technical convenience to customers.